7. Mind Reels

This is the part where the mind reels. It spins out of control and every image is another path. You cannot rely on the scene playing out or becoming anything of substance. The halls are slimming, forcing human traffic bodies into small, unmarked and completely plain door ways that tell nothing of their contents. Non-potable … More 7. Mind Reels

6. Attic Brain

The evacuated streets do not whisper or even meekly hum. If your own footsteps were not present in this dreamy night hallucination, you might think yourself invisible or completely non-existent. Like a sensory deprivation tank, your body floats in an atmosphere that mimics your temperature and separates your conscious mind from your aching, aging vessel. … More 6. Attic Brain

5. Him

Parson’s and pardons pale in comparison to an elective beauty in the eliminated nightly line, grasping safety bars and jostling in a single car into the dark transit of fumigated city lights. Stained damp seats, bodies odorous of a long day’s work, stench of the working man and woman. The lights inside the cabin of … More 5. Him

4. Friends

There is no pain of exertion in the full run you find yourself in. You move quickly, pumping your arms like an Olympic athlete, despite the fact that you have never done this in your waking life. You have resisted exercise and a healthy lifestyle for so long, but in this world, you don a … More 4. Friends